Evacuation – Issues for Action Plan and SRU




To ensure a safe and effective evacuation process enabling an action plan and facilities onboard of the SRU is essential and therefore a key part of the whole process.

Evacuation Action Plan

  • Contemplate partially evacuation
  • Provide protective equipment for evacuees
  • Check the need of boarding team or rescue team to assist evacuation
  • Integrate the possibility of DV crew assistance
  • Consider if it is feasible to transport the DV to SRU.

Installing Facilities onboard SRU

  • Evacuees should be counted

    Picture: Päivi Söderholm
    Picture: Päivi Söderholm
  • The process of TRIAGE has to be applied
  • Enable sufficient
    • accommodation
    • decontamination
    • medical care
  • Make sure the connection from SRU to the shore via helicopter or vessel
  • Install POC on shore to ensure further medical care, such as ambulances and hospitals.