I Situation Awareness – Seafarers – Action Options

An early contact from the DV to RCC is important for the RCC to start planning and resourcing to the meet the assistance requested from the DV. There are different form of assistance that can be provided from the RCC side, even in situations where the DV crew is capable to handle the situation. Evacuation in dangerous athmosphere or harsh weather is always demanding and risky, even early evacuation should be taken into account, other alternatives can protect human life better. Therefore, also different action options should be sought after.

RCC has a wide supportive network that can assist the DV during their emergency incident response situation in various ways. These can be for example:

  • Consultation
    • Due to the fact that the DV crew is limited in numbers, where each crew member is deployed according to ship specific muster list, RCC can search, consult experts and provide valuable information to support DV Captain’s decision making
    • Provide HNS specific information like spreading estimations, weather forecasts and various risk assessments
    • Provide liaison officer to assist communication between the DV and rescue authorities
  • Provide needed additional equipment i.e. transportable breathing apparatus for passengers, additional chemical suits, medicine etc.
    • This can be the case if for example external intervention is not possible for some reason (due to the location of the vessel, delay of SRU’s to the scene for any reason, the ship is determined as a No-Go area etc.)
  • External assistance in maneuvering in case of loss of power i.e. emergency towing or using tug operations like pushing in order to keep desired heading when protecting the DV living quarters
  • External assistance in MOB situations
  • External assistance on board the DV for Emergency Medical Care, Medivac or Medical Triage
  • External assistance for containing the leakage
  • Appoint Place of Regure / Safe Haven for the DV

In communication between the DV and rescue authorities, Vessel Triage categorization as a tool for simplifying decision making and clarifying communication can be used. Click here to read moreĀ http://www.raja.fi/vesseltriage