Evacuation – Measures, Operations and Documentation




This part provides most important issues conducting the evacuation process to rescue persons from the DV and further needed documentation during the evacuation process.


Active measures for evacuation have to be conducted, always being aware of the HNS situation. Different crafts should be considered depending on the situation:

  • Life rafts and boats (manned or unmanned)

    Picture: Klaipėda University
    Picture: Klaipėda University
  • Rescue crafts and tenders (special attributed: e.g., ex-protected)
  • HNS protected SRU alongside the DV to evacuate great amount of persons
  • Helicopter (DV or SRU), possibility depends on hazardous atmosphere level.



During the operation process of evacuation, some issues have to be noticed to ensure the health of evacuees in an optimal way:

  • Possibility to provision for the supplementary PPE
  • Emergency decontamination and first aid / emergency medical care.



Picture: Klaipėda University
Picture: Klaipėda University

To ensure necessary medical treatment of evacuated persons for best retrieval, there are some documentation procedures that are absolutely mandatory in the evacuation process.

All evacuated persons have to be registered, and the following documentation of them are required:

  • Identification and personal information
  • Possible find spot
  • Possible contamination
  • Possible received medical treatment.