There are many issues, which have to be addressed, while planning and acting an evacuation process and emergency towing procedures.

Basic requirements for the evacuation procedures have to be fulfilled, including being aware of the situation on board, considering essential resources, making an evacuation risk assessment, enabling an action plan with sufficient facilities and evacuation measures and operations. During the whole process, the documentation about identification and personal information and possible find spot, possible contamination and possible received medical treatment has to be ensured.

In general, already in the initial stage of DV / HNS situation, assessment of the evacuation process should be launched / considered. It is also of importance to ensure the communication with related persons and/or institutions for installing the necessary equipment (e.g., choice of needed crafts, material for facilities, etc.).

If emergency towing procedures are elaborated, issues both on board the SRU, and on board the DV have to be considered before acting the required measures.